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The playful audio system for children.

You can use the Tonie-App to record your own audio adventures for our range of Creative-Tonies so that the audio can be played on the Toniebox.

Get creative wherever you go! Our Creative-Tonies can’t wait to hear and hold your favourite tales and tunes. Just use the Tonie-App to record your very own stories, songs or messages - it's as easy as a phone call. Select one of your Creative-Tonies and off you go.

From bedtime story to audio treasure hunt, Creative-Tonies are up for everything:
- Dad's flight delayed? Mum having a girl's night out? Simply record and send personal goodnight wishes for your loved ones, no matter where you are.
- Create stories about your favourite Creative-Tonie characters - let the pirate tell a tale of secret treasure or let the mermaid sweeten your day at the beach, followed by some spooky-party tunes.
- Create your own audio plays with familiar voices for your child.

Full of life - the Live option:
- With the Live option activated, you can share your experiences even more directly with your loved ones. If you switch the Live option on, the Creative-Tonie will play the most recently uploaded audio first.
- You can even protect very special moments from overwriting with a safety function.

- All your Creative-Tonies at a glance
- Recording function with the microphone of your iPhone
- Upload files directly from your Dropbox or other document storage apps
- Recording capacity: 90 minutes

- Toniecloud account: create your account for free at
- A Toniebox.
- At least one Creative-Tonie that is activated for you.

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