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Tournament Maker is a tournament creation and management tool. It is ideal for anyone who is involved in games/sports with more than two participants or players. It can be used for both team events and individual challenges. Tournament Maker allows you to manage all your tournaments in real-time, capturing all the data you need to plan for future fixtures. It is ideal for social games or competitive games. If planning tournament is part of your job, then this application will make your life much easier. Tournament Maker will be useful to anyone with a competitive streak or players of any type. It has also been designed to meet the needs of:
• Sports Coaches.
• School Teachers.
• League Organisers.
• Sports players or teams.
• Social Groups.
• Competitive minded individuals.

Tournament Maker provides a host of features that make planning and managing any game or tournament a breeze. With Tournament Maker you can:
• Customise your tournament settings and create a tailor made tournament.
• Choose from a Round Robin (League), Knockout or Round Robin & Knockout Combination format.
• Preview fixture lists, review previous round of play and check out league positions.
• Save, review and manage multiple Tournaments.
• Completely randomise the team listings and the order of play.
• Manage tournaments and games in real-time at the field or at the event.
• Assign teams automatically (by colour or animal), or via your Contact List or manually.
• Use previous tournaments over and over again.
• Set up a new tournament whenever and wherever you are.
• Leave bulky equipment or pen & paper at home.
• Access a comprehensive set of easy to follow instructions.

Tournament Maker can be used for so many different sporting activities or just for fun games with family and friends. In fact, it can be used pretty much for anything that has a competitive edge. Spend your time playing not administrating. The Tournament Maker can be used for:
• Ball Games – Soccer, Football, Rugby, Aussie Rules, Basketball, Volleyball etc
• Racquet Sports - Tennis, , Badminton, Squash, Table Tennis etc
• Bat & Ball Sports - Cricket, Baseball, Softball, Golf etc
• Social Sports – Golf, Pool, Snooker, Darts, Chess, Board Games, Card Games etc
• Non Sports – Quizzes, Spelling Bee, Drinking Games etc


“…I have all I need to manage multiple tournaments, right there, on the field. Great tool…”
C. Condliffe, Head of PE at Wellington High School

“…its so easy to manage the kids football games and keep track of their performance over time…”
M. Dunne, North Wellington 1st Team Captain and Junior Coach

“…a group of social club members meets every other week to partake in a different Alternative Sport. I don’t know what we would do without Tournament Maker…”
S. Smith, ASAW Member

“…I love using Tournament Maker with my friends when we go down the local bar for a few games of darts or pool. It’s just so easy, even after a few drinks…”
B. Osborne, Tournament Maker user

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