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Town Story - Match 3 Puzzle

发行商: xiaokun feng
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Rita went to the mansion house where she lived as a child to look for her lost memories, but the old mansion house was not as peaceful as it looked. Mysteries were gradually discovered in the process of sorting out the big mansion house.

Embark on an adventurous house journey and help Rita to get her memories back in this beautiful place: passing through hundreds of unique, well-designed candy match-3 puzzles, unlock ever more chapters in the gripping garden story of the old mansion house along the way! What are you waiting for?
Indulge yourself in the sweet candies, and become the master in the candy Town Story!

Town Story is completely free to play. Some items need to be purchased, such as extra moves or lives.

Game Features:
- Swap to match 3 or more sweet candies
- Match 4 or more candies to create powerful special candies
- Be cautious with vines, thorns and chocolates that could appear in the garden
- Complete levels to earn stars, then use stars to complete missions and various garden jobs
- Achieve the level targets before running out of moves
- Wonderful animated explosive effects
- Rich single-player content that can be enjoyed without connecting to the Internet

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