发行商: ANJISA MUSIC N.V Powakkastraat 32b, Paramaribo, Suriname
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兼容性: iPhone & iPad


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Local Music,Local Passion!

TrackDrip® is the exclusive on-demand music/video streaming mobile app for the Caribbean

Install TrackDrip® now to listen and view the best new songs & videos from your favourite artists!

Discover and stay updated with new releases or artists, latest/trending topics and entertainment news.

Choose any of our ready-made playlists to suit your mood, create your own personalised playlist or simply follow your friends and other users to see what they are listening to.

【Unlimited Music】Get access to unlimited Caribbean and international music and videos.
【Offline Play】Subscribe to our premium plan to enjoy unlimited offline plays without using more data.
【Quality Playlists】Create your own or explore any of our ready-made playlists that suit your mood and follow other users to see what they are listening to.
【Transparent Charts】Discover trending music via real-time charts that are updated automatically based on plays.

● Playlists: Browse through and enjoy unlimited playlists created by our experienced music editors or simply create your own playlist with your favourite songs.
● Video: Watch unlimited music video, comedy and interviews etc.
● Charts: Get to know the most-played 100 songs in your region every week.
● Albums: Play and save your favourite albums to listen to offline anytime and anywhere.
● Moods: Enjoy music suited to your current mood or atmosphere.
● Suggested Users: Explore celebrities and other users to see, listen and download their playlists.
● Notifications: Be the first to know about new releases and trending entertainment news.

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