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Tractor Jigsaw Puzzles Games free for Toddlers

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More than 100 animated jigsaw puzzles for kids! Put together a puzzle to see cars going, construction machinery moving.

All jigsaw puzles are colorful real world pictures. They help toddlers explore the world around them and learn to distinguish different object groups. The game helps children memorize different elements of surrounding objects, develops attention and brings many hours of fun.

Specially for boys there are puzzles with machinery, cars, trucks, trains in the game. Little admirers of construction machinery are definitely going to like digger puzzles for toddlers, dozer and of course children’s favorite vehicles – ambulance, fire truck and police car.

Themes of big truck puzzle games:

- Construction Machinery. Puzzle for boy full of heavy machinery used on a construction site! You'll find here: roller, cement truck, mixer, dozer, tractor,dump truck games for toddlers, digger, excavator, caterpillar, earthmover, dumper, bulldozer, crawler, scraper.
- Special Purpose Vehicles. If the child likes to play policemen or firefighters then these puzzles are right for them! Here kids can assemble police car, fire truck puzzles toddlers, ambulance car and also taxi and even a SWAT car!
- Ships-Planes-Trains. Jigsaw puzzles for kids who love to explore! Travel around the world on a sailboat, yacht; by tram, plane, train or take an air-balloon flight or blimp. ship jig saw puzzles free

Check out our other apps for more jigsaw puzzle sets: Cars, Auto-Moto-Bikes, Trucks and Buses, Animals, Living Creatures, Plants, Sea Animals, Sights, Houses. The FULL VERSION includes 15 categories with more than 100 jigsaw puzzles. Both boys and girls will like our addicting games.

Amass a big collection of presents on the personal prize shelf.

Game features for children to enjoy:
- Original high quality cartoon puzzle images of vehicles and police car puzzle game drawn by professionals
- Choose images to complete from a wide collection of themes with multiple colorful jigsaw puzzles in each of them
- Interface and touch control are specially designed for toddlers and preschool children
- Nice animations and sounds while assembling a cartoon puzzle bulldozer puzzle to play and learn
- Animations make the vehicles come to life
- Easy navigation between categories and cartoon puzzles with excavator games for kids free
- Easy movement of puzzle pieces across the screen for children of kindergarten age
- Development of comparison and fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, visual perception, leadership
- Drag and drop puzzle pieces to match their holes
- Kids get to know vehicles and just enjoy the game! Young explorers will surely love to collect their favorite car pictures from trains for little toldders to digger games for kids free.
- ambulance firetruck and police car game for kids


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