Traffic Racer - Wild Run Car Racing

发行商: Cyber Designz
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兼容性: iPhone & iPad


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Traffic Racer – Wild Run Car Racing is one endless fun on the rush roads to fuel your adrenaline. Drive your car among busty traffic and earn points to experience some other level of racing. Addictive car racing game in order to drive the best alluring car with speed enhancement features to earn rewards.

Game Play Mode:
The faster you drive the more points you will earn. Speeding will let you earn bonus and rewards. Once reach to the max target, the car will convert into police car, making the car racing experience to some other level. Game features entails:
Tilt and touch panel for navigation
Touch gas button to accelerate the car speed
Brakes to slow down the car
One way and Two way game mode

Features include:
Alluring 3D graphics for real look and feel
Realistic environment to get the actual driver out of you

Three detailed environments rainy, night mode and day mode.
Low, medium and high graphics as per user preference.
Change of car gears and tires

Tips to Play:
Engage the car whilst in traffic and do not reduce the speed otherwise you will lose it out

Keep the speed maximize otherwise the bomb encapsulated in the car will explode

Get the real car racer out of yourself as racing is life, things after and before are just waiting! Download, play and rate as we would love to hear from you!

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