TrasometrPro - 计算城市之间的油耗和距离

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Attention drivers & logists!
Calculate your ride expenses, distance, fuel cost, get the route, timing and the shortest way from your destination to another place just in one click!

San Francisco-Florida? It's easy! Prague-London? No problem! Moscow-Paris? Not even a distance!

TrasometrPro works all over the world.

Type a destination point, your car's fuel consumption and the current price of fuel in TrasometrPro and you will find out the distance between cities, travel cost, travelling time and fuel consumption in one sweep.

TrasometrPro gives a unique opportunity to plan your trip easily. In a few seconds you can calculate the exact time and money that you’ll spend on a trip.

Forget about visiting special sites, that are complex and not always convenient. Now you have all information about the trip budget and time in tour iPhone.

TrasometrPro is a simple and fast program – all the data is displayed on one screen. One can cope with it using one hand only.

The program provides all necessary navigational information for trips around the city and through continents.

TrasometrPro also offer a «detailed mode» – view the details of a planned route on the map and listing.

Paying the price of a plastic lighter, you will get an irreplaceable assistant, which can easily cope with the task of calculating the price and time of travel.

Application features:
• Support of major currencies.
• Calculation of distance in kilometers/miles.
• Travel history saving.
• Route visual display on the map and its detailed description («detailed mode»).

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