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Travel Noire is a digital media company serving millennials of the African Diaspora. Through inspired content, we help discerning travelers, discover, plan, and experience new destinations.

When you join the Travel Noire app, you’ll get:

+ Access to exclusive content and conversations tailored for travelers and explorers of color just like you
+ Customized city guides for destinations around the world that include inspiring itineraries and experiences
+ Instant updates when there are new flight deals or travel packages available
+ The inside scoop on our favorite international wellness destinations
+ Tips for traveling with kids
+ And so much more!

Travel Noire also offers Masterclasses on topics such as:

+ How to Make Money as an Influencer
+ How to Get Paid to Travel
+ How to Become Financially Independent

Travel Noire is for people who want to unlock their potential, build meaningful relationships, and change the world. Collectively, our team (and the brilliant travelers we work with), have been to every continent on the planet. We have drawn from the breadth and depth of our experiences to design content that immerses you in the culture of a destination.

Our goal is to make international travel more inclusive and representative for explorers of color. As an award winning boutique travel company, we’re in the business of helping travelers get back to their truest selves, inspiring them to discover, plan and experience new destinations.

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