Treasure Islands

发行商: WissApp
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兼容性: iPhone & iPad


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Treasure Islands is a 2D adventure platform game set in a mystical world full of forest creatures. Treasure Islands starts with your character on a gentle floating tiny island. Your mission is to find the exit portal, which will not appear until you find one ore more stars. Stars and coins are hidden everywhere. Each level has a piece of the treasure map hidden somewhere. You must search everywhere, at trees, flowers rocks. Watch out for short glittering in the surrounding. Also watch out for the animals you encounter. They are generally not really offensive but it is best to jump over or avoid them. You can hurt and kill the animals, likewise they can hurt you too, by jumping on them. But you need boot power to really be effective.

You can level up powers of health, jumping and boot, as you gather golden coins. You can also switch character if you have the coins to unlock the other adorable characters; rabbit and lion. More lovely playable characters are planned in future upgrades, as is additional worlds to play.

• Explore a magical realm of the floating islands, forests and search every for gold and other hidden treasures.
• Gain experience and level up your character.
• Venture into moody mystery scenery illuminated by atmospheric lighting.
• Search and find golden coins and the big treasure.

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