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Triplicata Maui: Puzzle Game

发行商: Form and Pattern LLC
价格: 2.99 USD


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"This is one chill matching game."
– App Advice

All-new hex game! Simple fun: just match the colors on the blocks. Connect 3 of the same color, and yay! The blocks clear off. So calming yet challenging.

Let’s go on a magnificent Maui adventure!

°◡° It’s your time to relax °◡°
• Simple and so easy to learn
• Fun challenges with different goals
• Calming and inspiring
• Boosters all included
• No ads
• No purchases
• Earn your boosters fair and square

°◡° Hours of play °◡°
• 5 great chapters
• Over 100 hand-crafted levels with pretty Maui backgrounds
• Do over as many times as you need, no pressure
• Compelling gameplay

°◡° No more dull times °◡°
• Play on the train
• Get your goals at the airport security check
• Beat those levels at the waiting room
• Finish a level in line at the grocery store
• Take a quick trip to Maui while waiting for the bus
• Pick up a game when your TV show slows down
• Bring color to your podcasts
• Entertain yourself when you’re waiting for everyone else

°◡° So fun °◡°
• Get your goals before the board fills up
• Connect colors on blocks to make a match
• Matches clear out of the board
• Use boosters to power up your matches
• Earn boosters by making special matches
• Keeps you focused yet relaxed

°◡° Beautiful °◡°
• Relax at pristine Wailea with gorgeous beaches, lush walkways, and luxurious pools
• Sunrise hike at Haleakalā National Park’s trails for incredible views you just can’t get anywhere else
• Scuba dive to explore coral reefs, fish, sea turtles, crateres, and maybe even a shark
• Explore the Road to Hana with heavenly beach views, waterfalls, and, of course, delicious pit stops
• Sunset Luau to sample local cuisine as hula dancers set the scene for this phenomenal beach sunset
• Art-directed with a Memphis Group meets minimal modernist aesthetic
• Hex board with isometric 3D blocks for optical illusion lovers

°◡° You are everything. °◡°


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