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Trivia for Trailer Park Boys

发行商: Christopher Tucker
价格: 1.99 USD
兼容性: iPhone & iPad


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When fans design for other fans, something special is created. Our developers had already watched through the show several times, and were looking for a fun trivia app to test and compare their knowledge. Unfortunately, there was nothing available that was on par with the fun and feeling of the show itself. So we decided to create our own app, and after several months of hard work are proud to present Trivia for Trailer Park Boys. Perfect for testing knowledge, having fun, or just killing time, our app offers:

150+ Questions
Our initial release contains over 150 insightful questions covering the entire 12-season span of the show. Questions range from easy to extremely difficult, and are presented in a creative variety of ways.

Multiple Difficulties
To make the app enjoyable for all players, we added the option to select a difficulty level. Casual fans can test their knowledge on easy, while binge-watchers and die-hard followers can push themselves on medium and hard difficulties. Once all questions of one difficulty are passed, the user is prompted to move on to harder questions.

Challenge Questions
For the rare player who knows enough about Trailer Park Boys to beat all 3 difficulties (we applaud you), there is a series of challenge questions unlocked after answering all other questions. If you somehow manage to complete these questions, screenshot and DM our social media for a real-life prize.

Interactive Social Media
The social media tab in-app will bring you to our Instagram page @greenwaygamesco , where we will answer questions, fix complaints, and let users determine future challenges and sections added to the game.

Easy-to-Close Ads
While our app is entirely free, there are some short ads in the game. However, we show NO VIDEO ADS, only still-screen ads that can be easily closed for the user's convenience.

As one last feature, we remind users that this game is a work in progress. New questions will be added weekly, and we ask players to share with us any tips they have for improvement. Enjoy, and feel free to contact us anytime on social media!

Disclaimer: This app and company are in no way related to Netflix and holdings, nor do we intend to impersonate said company.


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