Truth or Dare ? House Party Game

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Ultimate fun with the most exciting & cool truth or dare questions for all ages
Relax and have fun with your friends, partner, kids or family with Truth or Dare. The fun, simple, yet so excitingly unpredictable game contains the most interesting and unique truth or dare questions. Take your social gaming times to another level. Make your house party unforgettable. Answer extreme questions. Suitable for all ages, teens, adults with tons of questions about unpleasant, yet fun topics, like sexuality and couple questions.

We all love Truth or Dare because of the excitement it brings for each question. This game categorizes the questions neatly for every occasion. Things can get messy if you pick the wrong category. If you are ready go to the extreme, but don’t be surprised if some questions are too fun and unexpected!

There are thousands of questions. Choose different categories: Teens, Kids, Boyfriends, Girlfriends, Adults, Couples, Sexy & Dirty, Funny & Embarrassing, Guys, Girls. Thousands of best truths and dares from the most innocent to naughtiest you can enjoy with your family and friends. We guarantee that we have one of the most exciting truth or dare questions in any similar game. We worked tirelessly to craft these amazing set of questions!

Truth or Dare Fun Questions features:
- one of the most unique and entertaining truth or dare questions
- exciting and unseen dares in different categories
- amazing house party game
- suitable for teens and adults
- amazing categories
- truly engaging truth or dare game
Never be bored again in your gatherings
Discover more about each other and have fun!
Get it free NOW!

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