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TSD Rally

发行商: nstudio
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'TSD Rally' was designed to help the pilots to respect the imposed average speeds during regularity rallying, also known as TSD rallying (Time, Speed and Distance).

'TSD Rally' allows you to control your advance or delay with 3 modes:
- Odometer mode: The application displays in real time the theoretical distance to run to keep the imposed average speed. It's exactly like the AVG SPEED PROFESSIONAL CHRONOMETER hardware which costs 499$ !

- Manual mode: In this mode the co-pilot must tap the screen each time a predefined distance is traveled (100 meters by default). The application then refresh in real time:
. The real average speed on the current section.
. The real delta time on the entire race.
. The real delta distance on the entire race.

- GPS Mode: In this mode the real time and distance calculation is automatic. We strongly recommend that you use this mode with an external bluetooth gps module like the Duo one for exemple.

'TSD Rally' also provides you:
* An average table to enter the imposed averages by section.
* An access to google maps to visualize your race (deceleration zone are drawn in blue, acceleration in red).
* A summary of your results with the statistics by section (acceleration, max speed, delta time and distance).
* A real time graphical accelerometer.
* A lot of settings to make 'TSD Rally' fit all your needs.

All the results, statistics plus the map of the race can be saved and sent by email.
'TSD Rally' will become your ideal race partner !

Don't hesitate, give it a try with the free lite version, limited to 3 kms.

Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. Don't forget to stop the application when rally is finished.


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