Turbo Crash Test Simulator 3D

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Tired of usual parking and driving simulators? Well, maybe you should try something new? Something like crashing the car against the wall and break all bones of dummy inside?

Try Turbo Crash Test Simulator 3D – and you would see, that crashing cars is as fun as driving it!
Now your work is to managing crash tests in the car industry. Be ready to break all the dummies and destroy a lot of vehicles! Perform stunts, crash into the obstacles and break all the dummy’s bones to get maximum points! Try this amazing vehicle crash simulator and be ready for ultimate car destruction fun!

Try to dismount different vehicles, various crash test dummies and mannequins and earn points to unlock new ones! Remember, the more damage you cause, the more points you earn, wreck, smash and destroy without mercy! Show the real power of destruction playing ultimate crash test simulator in 3D! Forget about usual driving games – now your task is to dismount all sorts of cars in this Turbo Crash Test Simulator 3D game!

Be ready for an unusual experience you’ve never got playing usual driving games! Cause accidents, perform death-defying motor stunts, create traffic pile-ups of epic scale without any risk to yourself! Destroy cars, trucks and dummies and destroy everything playing Turbo Crash Test Simulator 3D!

Turbo Crash Test Simulator 3D features:

- Dismount all sorts of vehicles at this game - turbo cars, armored trucks, tanks, buses and other
- Make stunts crashing and wrecking everything on your way
- More damage you cause – more points you earn, so try to break all bones of dummies
- Earn points to unlock new cars, vehicles, jumps, stunts and other facilities

Many cars and vehicles to crash, many levels to complete, various stunts and jumps to perform – so, do your best at this symphony of destruction! It’s time to start a crash test experiment with Turbo Crash Test Simulator 3D - crash simulator made for all tastes and ages!

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