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涡轮增压极速赛车 Turbo Speed Car Racing 3D

发行商: Ha Anh Technologies and Investment Company Limited
价格: 免费 支持应用内购买
兼容性: iPhone & iPad


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Turbo Speed Car Racing is the favorite traffic racing game for you. This game will let you go through overtaking speed racing with endless of interesting. The graphic is designed with meticulous detail and beautiful epic scenes. Vivid sound promising to bring players strange feeling when you first enter the game. The game rules are quite simple. You just tilt your phone left or right to control your car without bumping to the cars going in the same direction, it's ready to collect the coins along the way.

Difficult point of this high-speed racing game is your speed reaches as high as very vulnerable to crashing into other cars. So you need to increase or decrease the speed reasonably. In order to reach the incredible speed, you need to open the last car in the shop at speeds up to 450km/h. With this car, just a small stones can make you fly down the bridge.

The main features:
- Five different types of racing cars
- Two game modes: classic race and mission race
- Diversity playing effects: magnetic, speed, fog and collision
- Achievements and missions

Let's download and enjoy this racing game.


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