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Dijital Operatör

发行商: Turkcell Iletisim Hizmetleri A.S.
价格: 免费
兼容性: iPhone


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You can get all your Turkcell related transactions done via Digital Operator such as bill payment, invoice display, device purchase, package purchase and remaining package inquiry. If you’re running out of your package before its renewal period, you can also purchase an additional package suitable for you.

The main operations you can do in the Digital Operator application, which consists of three main sections as Digital My Account, Digital Shop and Digital Support, can be listed as follows:

● Exploring Devices, Applications and Packages

You can explore the devices, packages and the applications offered special for you in the Digital Shop and buy whatever you want quickly. Moreover, Turkcell users can buy new models of smartphones and other devices with extra installments additional to the bill.

● You Can Change Your Tariff and Use Advantageous Packages

You can explore the packages and applications offered special to you and buy whatever you want quickly. You can also easily switch from prepaid line to postpaid line.

● Turkcell TL and Package Transactions

With your credit card or debit card, you can easily and safely buy TL and package for both yourself and your beloved ones. Moreover, many packages in the ‘’Special to Digital’’ category are offered to you.

● Bill Inquiry and Payment

You can review your past and current billing information and details in ‘’My Bills’’ field. On the other hand, you can pay your invoices, and if you have questions, you can consult to artificial intelligence-assisted Turkcell Assistant.

● Remaining Package Inquiry and New Package Purchase

You can view remaining SMS and internet of your package in the ‘’Transaction Center’’. You can easily compare between the packages and buy the one suits you the best.

● Exploring Products

You can explore all the products, campaigns and services you have on ‘’My Products’’ field.

● Getting Quick Assistance For Connection Problems

In cases when you can’t get any receptions you can make a status check automatically by making a call and connection control from the ‘’Help’’ section. If the problem continues, you can report your problem and request to us via Digital Operator.

● Creating Requests With Document and Sending Required Documents

You can create a request by taking a photo of your document for your transactions requiring documents and missing documents. On the other hand, you can follow the current status of your latest requests from ‘’Notifications’’.

● Shake&Win Surprises

You can participate in the ‘’Salla Kazan’’ campaign through the Digital Operator and get many gifts such as internet and digital services every week.

● View All Gifts In The ‘’Gift Pool’’

You can see all the gifts you have earned and can earn from Turkcell via the Gift Pool. You can follow new campaigns, gifts and opportunities. You can start using your gifts at any time or share them with your beloved ones.

● Personal Alerts, Reminders and Notifications

In the Digital Operator, you can see celebrations for your special days such as birthdays, anniversary of your first day in Turkcell. You can also get personalized notifications for the deadline of your bill, special offers and many other things.

● Features That Non-Turkcell Users Can Benefit

Non-Turkcell users can also benefit from many services of Digital Operator. Other operator users can buy technological products such as phones and smart accessories, advantageous services in the Digital Store. They can also purchase packages for their beloved ones. In addition, those who want to request a new SIM card or move their number to Turkcell can make their applications quickly via the Digital Operator and receive their new SIM cards to their addresses.


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