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**This is the PRO version of the much anticipated and sought after Ghanaian app - Twi & English Bible.
- It contains no ads and comes with great features. An award winning app!
- The only Twi Bible app with complete offline scriptures and offline audio in Old & New Testaments (all for free) - Asante Twi, Akuapem Twi, English (NIV, KJV etc)

**Read side by side (parallel) or switch between Twi and English for both Old and New Testaments (Scriptures & audio)

** First Augmented Reality Holy Twi Bible in Twi & English that talks to you + Normal mode. Full Offline use **

The only Offline Holy Bible in Twi (Ghana) and English with augmented reality support that talks to you! Twi Bible is complete with the Old and New Testaments, comes with full offline use and audio support. Read, Listen, Hear, grow your faith and get closer to God. The much anticipated and sought after Ghanaian app is finally here, An award winning (MTN apps challenge) app! Not just any twi bible. This is a smart and intelligent holy bible app approved to be read in Ghanaian churches. What are you waiting for? Install now

Some top features of Twi Bible:

-- Augmented Reality Support - Get closer to the word with an Augmented Reality experience

- Complete Holy Bible in Twi, English (King James Version & New International Version) containing both Old and New Testaments

- Full offline use. You don’t need the internet to use it.

- Speech and audio support - Smart Kofi can automatically scroll and read out loud scriptures to you.

- Option to read scriptures in parallel mode(Twi and English Side by side) or in single mode (Twi or English)

-Utilizes the latest iOS features including home screen quick actions (add notes, view bookmarks, search scriptures right from the home screen)

- Get encouraged with daily devotional messages, motivational verses and inspirational verses to help you in your day to day life and overcome life obstacles

- Highlight, bookmark and save sections of scriptures

- Copy, paste, share, translate scriptures with friends and family on WhatsApp, Facebook, twitter etc.

- Add your own notes and sermons, and record preaching, sermons, praise and worships, songs, hymns and church services.

- Option to read in night mode

You can switch between Asante(Kumasi) twi, Akuampem twi, Akyem Twi, Fante and English in King James Version (KJV), New International Version (NIV)

The Twi Bible in your pocket! Study the bible in your own native language and in English (KJV) (bonus) daily to empower you spiritually through your walk with God.

This top app comes with complete offline use and supports text to speech(audio) in the Ghanaian Akan language Twi. You can read in parallel mode (Twi and English side by side) or read in single mode (Twi or English). Backed by the personal digital artificial intelligent assistant, Kofi can automatically read scriptures to your hearing, scroll verses intelligently and read out devotions and daily verses to you. You can also record sermons, voice notes, live church services and play back anytime, anywhere.

The different reading modes offers a great educational experience, dictionary translator and reference point to learn Ghana’s most widely spoken language Twi (an akan dialect)

It’s the Twere KronKron nkwa nsem. Stay blessed as you use this great app

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