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ENUYGUN – Uçak, Otel, Otobüs

发行商: A.Ş.
价格: 免费
兼容性: iPhone


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With ENUYGUN, you can easily search and book cheap flights, bus tickets and make hotel reservations!

ENUYGUN lets you search, list and compare domestic and international flights, bus tickets and tens of thousands of hotels within seconds. You can book your trip or hotel room with your credit or debit card easily.
ENUYGUN allows you to compare domestic and international flights from Turkey's leading airlines like Pegasus, THY, AnadoluJet, Pegasus, Sunexpress and Onur Air, as well as international airlines including KLM, British Airways, Lufthansa, Air France, Emirates, Aeroflot, United Airlines, Egyptair, Alitalia, American Airlines, Air Canada, Gulf Air, Qatar Airways, Thai Airways, and Korean Air.
You can find bus tickets from Metro Turizm, Pamukkale Turizm, Efetur, Ulusoy Seyahat, Villa Seyahat, Süha Turizm, and many others. All ticket bookings are made in accordance with International Security Standards and can be done within the application in seconds.
With ENUYGUN, you can compare hotels listed in different themes such as city hotels, honeymoon hotels, beach hotels, all-inclusive hotels for any vacation you want to stay. You can reserve your dream holiday by choosing the most suitable hotel and room.
Developed with world-class software technology, ENUYGUN can adjust to suit universal phone screens and has been optimised to enhance the user interface for a more seamless user experience.
With the advanced filtering options and price graph, you can considerably reduce the time spent finding the cheapest flights. You can also filter the flights according to the date and route of your choice and alter criteria such as transfer, baggage allowance, price range, departure and arrival times, flight duration, airline and airport. Use our Price Graph feature to see the cheapest fares on the route over a wider range of dates.
Cancelling a flight is as easy as booking one with ENUYGUN. In the event of any changes to your itinerary, you can easily cancel your flight ticket using Online Ticket Cancellation function. Furthermore, you can cancel all promotional and non-promotional flight tickets with Flight Cancellation Guarantee up to 3 hours before your flight without any reason, and receive a 90% refund on the ticket price.
Make your friends and family happy with easy and efficient travel plans! Through our mobile app, you can send them ENUYGUN Gift Cards on all airlines (all Gift Cards are valid for 1 year).
After downloading ENUYGUN, you can further simplify the process of booking airline tickets by creating an ENUYGUN membership account. With the help of “Passenger List”, you can record all passenger information, “Card Storage” with Mobilexpress assurance, which holds the world's highest standard in credit card security and is compliant with PCI DSS Level 3. Our Digital Wallet “ENCüzdan” which allows you to transfer your credit and debit card points and storage for up to 1 year as ENCoin, our digital currency (1 ENCoin equals to 1 Turkish Lira) and “Registered Invoice Details” features, you can compare, select and book your flight ticket in under 1 minute depending on your internet speed. You can also list your previous searches with just one click, and easily access your past or future bookings.

You can create your ENUYGUN membership account in seconds, either manually using your email address or by linking one of your Facebook or Google accounts.

Another convenient feature of ENUYGUN membership account is Price Alert which tracks the flight fares for you. By setting a price alert for the selected date and route of your flight, you can receive push notifications and email alerts when the lowest price of the chosen route has been detected, and you can book it quickly when price further reduces.

Download ENUYGUN now and experience the privileges it has to offer!


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