UK Road Signs Quiz

发行商: Galatic Droids
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UK Road Signs, highway code.

Learning traffic signs can be fun.

Whether you're learning to drive or just wanting to brush up on your highway code road signs this is the app for you.

The game displays traffic signs from Great Britain, all you have to do is to select the correct choice from the four options displayed. It's very easy to play and makes learning road signs much more fun then staring at dusty old pages in the highway code.

Each road sign is revealed slowly, this makes you look more carefully at the sign and we believe it aids the learning process and makes the signs easier to remember.

Its also handy for non UK residents, if you are travelling to England, Ireland, Scotland or Wales for a holiday and are planning to get a hire car, insure you know the local road signs.

Oh, and please don't use the app while driving that would be a little silly ;-)

Game ends after 3 incorrect answers or when you have answered your selected number of questions.

Download UK Road Signs now.

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