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UNIP - user-friendly application for Drivers that offers a complete solution to parking, including full-scale city parking database, pricing, navigation and occupancy, various payment options and remote control over parking session. One single application for on-street and off-street parking in your city.

UNIP offers the Driver:
• Complete parking information on every parking place in the city (including prices, parking conditions and restrictions, dimensions, street view and other)
• Choice of desired type of parking
• Choice of vacant parking space based on price or distance to the place of interest
• Optimal navigation to parking space and place of interest
• Mobile payment service
• Top-up balance or transaction-based payment option

You just need:
• To open UNIP Application
• To register in your mobile phone or on our site http://unip.biz
• To top up your personal balance or to use the transaction payment option
• To choose parking site on the city map in your phone, that suits your needs and criteria – our application will automatically calculates for your the best route.
• To park and to pay your session in one click

Want to learn more about UNIP?
Visit our website: http://unip.biz
Start parking with UNIP!

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