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Uptime Bot

发行商: Dominique Da Silva
价格: 2.99 USD
兼容性: iPhone & iPad


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Uptime Bot is your Uptime Robot monitoring service companion, check your servers and websites monitors on the go right on your iPhone or iPad. Uptime Bot displays precious information and a neat response times graph about the status of your servers (uptime, downtime, response times).

• Servers Uptime
• Servers Response Times
• Start or pause a monitor
• Servers Logs with the date and the duration of all events
• Latest monitor downtime with duration
• Search your monitors by name or URL
• Loads up to 50 monitors
• Works on both the iPhone or iPad
• Monitor status (up, down, paused, started, not yet checked)
• Use your predefined TimeZone
• Connect to your account without password
• Identifiers are securely stored in Keychain and synced between your devices
• 1Password integration to retrieve your API Key needed to connect to your account
• Automatic refresh when your connection goes back
• Filter by monitor status (Up, Down, Paused)
• Monitor Response Time graphic​
• Response Time and Uptime average
• Native and speedy application
• Design and great animations
• Dark mode (Swipe on the right or left on the header of the application to switch the light)
• URL scheme to bring the app to front or display a specific monitor - uptimebot://monitor/[!monitor_id!]

If you have not yet an account on Uptime Robot, you can create one for free and start monitor your servers on your iPhone or iPad with Uptime Bot.
Important: Uptime Bot only loads up to 50 monitors, if you have more monitors on your account, they will not be visible in the application.
You can send feedback on the dedicated website, and your comments and votes are very valuable.


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