US Police Moto Bike Chase

发行商: Muhammad Rehan
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兼容性: iPhone & iPad


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Work like a city patrolling Police officer and control street crimes while roaming in the US city streets. Use your superbike to chase the criminals and caught them transport them to the police station and put them behind the bars. while chasing the criminal, robbers you have to ride the bike safely so that you do not rush into the market or other citizens. Follow the navigation arrow to catch the culprit quickly. You can upgrade your bike by completing a few levels successfully. You will have only limited time to catch the criminal otherwise game will be over. After catching the thief transport the criminal to the police station. Let's play this thrilling action game and show your bike riding skills.

Main Features of the game:
- The thrill of riding a cop bike.
- Realistic 3D environment and gameplay.
- Smooth controls.
- Different bikes.

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