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Veond app is the most recent daily “go-to” app for anyone wanting to try and experiment the vegan lifestyle with fun, excitement and compassion .

At Veond we are committed in delivering the best deals not just for the Vegan community but for anyone wanting to try this lifestyle. Veond is the only app bringing you unique deals and offers on the best vegan stuff to do, experiment, eat and buy.

Download Veond app and start saving on everything Vegan. Because Vegan, Ethical and Sustainable doesn't necessarily have to be more expensive (and less fun!)

This is the app that will help bring an end to animal exploitation because we will make accessible and interesting the ordinary shopping for vegan goods, food and services to everyone, everywhere.

Whether you're shopping for the latest fashion trends, craving for that new exquisite veggie restaurant in town, or dreaming about that surf retreat in a sunny destination, Veond will bring you fresh daily offers to explore and to make your life so much more exciting…

Are you ready to find and explore:
- Vegan and vegetarian restaurants on the map;
- Exclusive deals on restaurants and cafes;
- Offers and discounts on ethical and sustainable products;
- Last minute deals on unique vegan experiences;
- Vegan recipes for every occasion;
- Tips on how to live a healthy vegan lifestyle;

The days of "having to cope with whatever is on the menu" are over and now be prepared to start exploring, saving and book fantastic and unique experiences with a guilt-free conscience.

The animals and the planet are thankful!

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