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"Vibroscope" is a powerful measurement tool for analyzing vibration by using iPhone's acceleration sensor in realtime. 

It allows you to monitor by visualizing the very low-frequency vibration such as inaudible by ear.

This app can be intuitively detected an acceleration amount, that displays the two-axis coordinates in the horizontal direction and the time-axis waveform in the vertical direction.

It is also equipped with the ability to analyze the frequency components of the very low frequency vibration by FFT analyzer.

It can be measured by determining the horizontal or vertical direction to suit the attitude of the iPhone, so as to be available in a placement of the floor and desk or Handheld.

The measurement data can also saved as a log file, so you can use it as a vibration data logger.

Application Examples:
- Analysis of the amount of acceleration and frequency components of the floor and walls during car traffic.
- Measurement of howling vibration of audio equipment, etc.
- Detection of acceleration and vibration of trains and automobiles.
- Body balance check (horizontal body shaking detection).
- Measurement of vibration acceleration during earthquakes, etc. (displayed value x 100 [!gal!]).

- Measurement of vibrations (Main) : acceleration values (m/s/s)
- Real-time display : the horizontal direction (X-Y) - 2-axis vector plane graph, the vertical direction (Z) - the time-axis waveform.
- Logarithmic scale graph display (LogScl)
- 3-axis composite acceleration display (Compo)
- Peak level value display. (Peak)
- FFT analysis for 3-axis directional and composite acceleration, with peak frequency (Freq.)
- Switching of sensor sampling period : Slow, Fast. (Slow/Fast)
- Axis direction (Axis) : Swapping the axis direction on the graph display during operation.
- Measurement timer function : 30 sec to 1 hour.
- Start delay timer function : 0 - 20 sec.
- Reference level setting in FFT mode : 1e-6m/s/s, or 1e-5m/s/s.
- Snapshot of the measurement screen (Snap) : Capture the measurement results and Time-stamp to "Photos".
- Data Logger : X-axis, Y-axis, Z-axis, saved in a text file (UTF8) . It saves the measurement data, Time-stamp to LOG file. It can be exported by using "iTunes File Sharing".

Important points:
At the time of the first access to Photos after installing the app, you will be asked authorization to access them by the iOS system. If you have not enabled this setting, the app can not access them by privacy restrictions of the iOS system. Please enable the access permission on the iOS setting, "Settings > Privacy > Photos".
This app does not support to the background operation, so it needs to set on "Never" in the iOS setting, "Settings > General > Auto-Lock" for a long time operation.

In general, there is variation and accuracy error by individual terminals and sensor devices of the iPhone, so this app does not recommend the use in the formal measurement. There is also a possibility that the accuracy error is accumulated if the vibration is too large, it may not be appropriate measurement display.
During in car driving or operating machinery, please do not use this app for safety.
The logarithmic scale graph is displayed very small numerical value, so it may be influenced by noise and temperature error in your environment or time fluctuation of sensor calibration.

Please visit our iOS App support page for more information on this app.


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