Video Pixel Resizer

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Change the width and height of the videos as per your choice.Using this application, the size of videos could either be decreased or it could be increased.The application could resize even hundreds of videos at the same time.

For example : If the size of a Video is 1920x1080 , the application could change its size to 1280x720 pixels. Similarly the video size could be increased to 2560x1600 as well.

The application also features auto setting of aspect ratio so that the resized videos do not appear stretched out.To maintain the aspect ratio, it adjusts the video so that the Videos do not appear to be stretched out.

By reducing the pixel size, the file size of Videos decrease as well. This helps in various purposes like a video of smaller size will take lesser time to upload to a website. Smaller sized video files take lesser time to download and make sharing easier.A smaller sized video also saves data on your mobile data plan when you share, email or upload them to cloud.

The application could also increase the pixel size.i.e. using the application you could also increase the video's size if there is such requirement.You could even increase a video of size 1280x960 to 1920x1080.

The application offers to specify one size for multiple videos.This helps to resize multiple videos to a specified size at the same time.This saves a lot of time and efforts.

If you have a video, you could upload different sizes of videos to the website and offer the customer to download a video that suits well as per their bandwidth and device requirements.

The application supports various video formats like MP4,MOV & M4V.

Features :

- Video Pixel Resizer automatically resizes a large number of videos to fit within a specified resolution while keeping the proper aspect ratio of the original file.
- Reduce video file size by changing their pixel size.
- Easily share , upload or download the lesser sized Video files
- Distribute different sizes of Videos
- Batch Process Videos - Resize hundreds of Videos at a time
- The application also saves the Video pixel size so that one does not have to enter the video size every time. It also helps in resizing multiple videos in one go.This saves time and efforts.

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