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Video Streaming For Smart TVs

发行商: Sergey Korotkevich
价格: 0.99 USD
兼容性: Mac, iPhone & iPad


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Video Streaming For Smart TVs app turns your iPhone or iPad into adaptive video streaming server so you can easily watch selected videos on Your smart TV or computer using web browser.

Simply choose a video on Your iOS device, it will be automatically processed and be immediately ready for streaming - just open web browser on your TV or computer and navigate it to the page displayed in the app.

No need to wait until whole video is processed - when you start watching or seeking only respective piece of content will be prepared for streaming, so encoding and delivery is extremely fast.

General requirements:
- iPhone or iPad, iOS 11.3 or higher
- Your TV and iOS device should be connected to the same home network (WI-FI or cable)
- TV web browser should be able to play HTML5 video (most of modern smart TVs)
- TV web browser should be able to access content using http protocol
- Or Chrome web browser (if you plan to watch videos on Your computer)

The app has been tested on desktop web browsers, Samsung Tizen and LG WebOS Smart TVs.
To check whether Your smart TV is compatible with the app please visit our website for detailed instructions.

- DRM protected videos are not supported
- Streaming is optimised for one session (not possible to watch on two or more TVs at the same time)


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