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Watch an elephant having a shower, play with the gorillas, swim with the seals!

Video Zoo is the beautifully illustrated zoo on your iphone for kids age 18 months and above. With 20 clips of animals, 2 minutes long each. Thought up by parents, shot and hand-drawn by professionals, realized with the kind support of the Zurich Zoo in Switzerland.

Video Zoo is perfect for parents, who want to teach their children about animals. And of course for interested kids: Learn, be entertained and have tons of fun with this little app.

Video Zoo features:

- one beautifully illustrated zoo
- 40 minutes of animal clips, shot by pros and tailored to the abilities of kids age 18 months to 5 years (few cuts, long single shots, each movie tells a little story)
- lots of different animals including a red and green macaw, piranhas, seals and elephants
- hours of fun

With your own virtual petting zoo: goats, chickens, guinea pigs and an ordinary piggy-family with lots of babies.

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