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Vinota - International Calling

发行商: Vinota
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International calls & SMS to your loved ones at super cheap rates, with crystal clear voice quality. Talk more and make HUGE Savings!

The Vinota Advantage

• Lowest call rates to any country in the world
• Your first call is FREE – Try before you buy
• No call connection fees or hidden costs
• Lowest data usage for VoIP calls
• Works in any country in the world
• No ads, we protect your privacy
• Crystal clear voice quality
• No call dropping, make long calls
• Avoid expensive roaming charges
• Cheap text messaging (SMS) rates
• Your call credit is valid for a lifetime
• Transfer calling credit among your friends & family
• Earn free call credit by introducing your friends

With this international calling app by Vinota, you can call any number in any part of the world, at the most competitive call rates while enjoying HD quality voice. With the Vinota mobile dialer, there are no more boundaries to calling any country in the world. Making international calls through a VoIP app has never been this convenient!

Low-cost Worldwide SMS
Vinota is great not only for cheap calls, but also helps you make great savings on international’ texting. Start using Vinota’s worldwide texting feature today.

Do you sometimes find that the remaining credit on some calling apps goes missing? Vinota’s mobile VoIP app provides a 100% reliable & transparent calling experience. You will be shown the estimated cost of the call, even before you start talking. After the call, your call history is visible on the Vinota web portal, along with the cost of each call.

Superior Voice Quality
Enjoy crystal clear voice quality when calling overseas. Our cutting edge technology enables superior VoIP call quality compared to any other international calling app. Online calling, need not mean compromising on call quality. With this calling app, you are assured the best voice quality at all times.
Vinota is great for making VoIP calls to India, USA, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Pakistan, UAE and many other countries.

Our global support team is available on Vinota Live Chat to help you with any questions or solve any issues, ensuring a smooth international calling experience.

International Calling Rates Start From

• Call India 1.59 ¢/min
• Call Bangladesh 1.25 ¢/min
• Call USA 1.00 ¢/min
• Call Nigeria 7.99 ¢/min
• Call Pakistan 2.72 ¢/min
• Call UAE 12.55 ¢/min

Try Before You Buy - Your First Call is Free
Vinota lets you try before you buy. Your first call is free. Therefore, you can check out the call quality before purchasing credit. Once you’re satisfied, you can add credit to your calling app, and start making international calls at cheaper rates than any other phone call app.

This international calling app by Vinota brings convenience to your life. No matter which country you live in, you can make calls to any other country through mobile VoIP.

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Contact us on: Our Support team is super friendly & always ready to help.


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