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** VINYL is a magazine-style preset collection application. **

VINYL - The new way to make a photograph.

Capture the atmosphere of Kyoto in a picture.

This issue of VINYL is of Kyoto, a city filled with a chic vibe. After enjoying the pictures that allow you to feel the atmosphere of Kyoto, you can take or edit your own pictures with each preset. VINYL’s presets were developed by professional photographers and filter experts to express their love for Kyoto. Use the presets to fill your pictures with a chic vibe anytime, anywhere. You can make your pictures more unique. Make them with VINYL.

● Enjoy pictures that perfectly exemplify the atmosphere of Kyoto.
- See the work of the photographers that have captured daily life in Kyoto in the most beautiful way. We have chosen the pictures that most beautifully portrayed Kyoto’s serene morning and the combination of quiet and comfort. Take a break and feel the atmosphere of Kyoto.

○ Easily make your pictures more unique.
- VINYL is a magazine-style preset collection application. We select places or objects that have value that will not change over time, and work with photographers to create presets that capture the essence of that value. VINYL's presets focus on making your pictures “different” rather than perfecting settings and corrections. All you have to do is look at the picture you like, make some adjustments to suit your preferences, and then take or edit the picture.

● VINYL offers 12 presets that capture the daily life of Kyoto and four adjustments that supplement the presets.
- Why are there only four adjustments? This is because most of the presets are already included. The four adjustments do not need to be edited. The adjustments are useful for making subtle corrections. If you want to make your pictures more unique, you do not need to use the adjustments. Simply focus on what you can’t remove.

○ Edit pictures faster to create more impact.
- VINYL fully supports Metal. Metal is an Apple-only app that offers a better way of handling images. We have built an app that allows you to edit your pictures more efficiently with Metal.

“ You don’t take a photograph, you make it. ”
- Ansel Adams

* VINYL is a periodic publication. We want to discover and create topics that can be fully understood and expressed. We believe that this will inspire us to produce more high-quality content.

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