RetroMon - Virtual Pet Monster

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RetroMon Virtual Pet Monster Free

Raise your RetroMon Virtual Pet (vpet) Monster, become the best tamer. Join your friend monster in a quest to become the very best.

Did you ever own a vintage digital vpet, virtual pet, digimon , or a tamagotchi toy ? Now you can take care of your own digital buddy in your phone!

Nostalgia - Retro 90's style game where you can join the digital world, become a trainer and expert in raising monsters. Make your virtual pet buddy grow bigger a stronger for battles!

*Battle your friends online ! * To battle online using Wi-Fi or phone data (4g, 3g), your virtual pet monster needs have evolved at least once (reaching its battle maturity level ~8 hours)

The better you take care of your digital monster the stronger and happier it will grow. Feed your vpet, check its status, make training a fun game, give it vitamins, shower it, turn off the lights when it sleeps, have it battle in real-time!!

You will receive a digital egg, which will take one minute to hatch, after that your baby monster will be born, whenever he needs something, the alarm icon will turn on. It needs food to be full, vitamins to have strength, energy to battle, (energy will replenish over time).

Depending on how you take care of your buddy monster, and how much you train it, it will grow and have different evolutions. Raise your virtual monster with the right direction for the growth tree/chart monster you desire :)

Customize your monster's house and case, change color, styles and environments. Personalize it on your very own way.

-Hatch your own monster and take care of it.
-Different evolutions depending on how you take care of it.
-Virtual pet simulation, feed, clean, sleep, train, battle, give medicine.
-Watch how your monster hatches and grows stronger
-Battle your friends over the internet!
-Intuitive classic interface for kids and adults

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