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- No lock-up periods: withdraw anytime
- Small minimum deposit. Start earning with as little as EUR 20.
- No hidden, deposit or withdrawal fees
- User-friendly app.

Voluto connects your funds with a Compound - open digital cash pool powered by DeFi (“Open Finance” or “Decentralized Finance” ). Instead of depositing your money to the bank, you supply funds to an open digital cash pool. This pool starts paying interest right away. Even if nobody has borrowed your money. However, if someone wants to borrow, they have to secure a loan with 150 to 200% of their own assets as collateral. Once the loan is issued, the debtor automatically starts paying back the interest which is returned back to the pool. There are no middlemen, no exorbitant fees, nor any lock-up periods with Voluto.

You can learn more on our website: https://voluto.app/more.html


Interest rates are variable and change frequently based on supply and demand in the underlying digital dollar (USDC) lending liquidity pool on Compound protocol. Neither Voluto, UAB, nor the Voluto App set or control interest rates. The currently displayed interest rate may be lower or higher than it was stated previously.
Digital cash (USDC) is a digital representation of U.S. dollar on the Ethereum blockchain. You can read more about it here. Each USDC is 100% backed by U.S. dollar reserves ($1 per 1 USDC) held in bank accounts of the issuer. Monthly audit reports by a major auditing firm are publicly available.
Voluto App is an app and software solution that allows users to supply funds into the Compound digital dollar liquidity pool (USDC pool). We only provide you with a technological solution – Voluto app – allowing you to easily interact with Compound protocol and earn interest on USDC digital cash. Voluto App is a software and service developed by Voluto, UAB. Voluto, UAB. is not a bank, not a cryptocurrency exchange, not a custodian wallet provider and digital cash (USDC) will not be stored at a bank. Funds supplied to Compound liquidity pools using Voluto software are not insured, protected or in any way secured by any state authority (e.g government or Central Bank)
Supplying funds to the Compound lending liquidity pool using Voluto App involves risk and you may lose money by accessing these pools through the Voluto mobile app. It is possible that Compound liquidity pools will not have enough liquidity at the time of withdrawal if the borrowing or withdrawal demand becomes high or for any other reasons. Digital currency (cryptocurrency, virtual currency, stablecoins) is not legal tender, is not backed by the government, and Voluto is not subject to any protection. Voluto, UAB activities do not fall under the framework of regulated financial services and we are not supervised by the Bank of Lithuania or any other financial services supervisory authority. You act solely at your own discretion and bear all the responsibility and risk for any and all decisions made while using the Voluto app.



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