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Ninety-nine out of a hundred have ever lent money – sure, you gave $3-5, $10, $50 to a friend or a colleague or at the University...
Due to statistics, over 43% of the debts have never been repaid, up to 70% of debtors delay the repayment, and 52% of those who give small amounts of money to friends forget about it in 3-5 weeks.

To lend money is not an easy thing as the situations vary. You can lend some small money and not worry about it. Or your friend can ask for a significant financial help from your side and being his friend and having opportunities you cannot refuse it.

We absolutely clearly understand the debt anatomy due to our huge and often bitter life experience in this issue, and we’ve fully and carefully examined how it all works.

Application ‘Repaid’ is made just exactly to solve this problem. It allows you to:
- keep records of your debts, just in two taps, all extra operations are automatized;
- keep your debtors informed automatically and in due time without your direct participation;
- it is free without any hidden payments, you pay only for SMS-notifications.

You don’t trust statistics, do you?
Please check this for yourself:

- You lent money and sometime after you call and remind to return it feeling quite awkward by doing so, and in reply you get absolutely tactless remarks about friendship and debt return date.

- Close friend asks you to lend him some money because he has problems. He understands how he will use this amount and informs you when and how he will return it. In due time he fails to give back his debt and postpones the repayment date 1-2-5 times explaining that he has no money or his car is broken or he has big bills to pay, etc. And you seem to be able to wait as the amount is not that big and there is no reason to upset your friendship.

- From time to time you can have some extra work that brings you some money. Usually payment for extra work is not big and takes time to be made. So, you have to keep records in order not to forget and request this money after.

- Or you have a very good job and some solid savings, and one day your very good and honest friend comes to you and asks for a significant amount of money. Having considered all pros and cons, you decide to help. But he well prior to the repayment date honestly informs you that he will return only one part of the debt. Then he returns one more part, then postpones, then again returns some part, then again postpones and in the end he gives you back all he borrowed but long afar than was agreed. And you expected to get this money back long before.

- Or very popular situation: ‘You are getting millions doing nothing at your work and I’m working as hard as possible and still have not enough money’…..

- Or familiar case: you get a call from a friend who went to another town and asks you to buy an online ticket for him. Or another friend asks you to put some money on his cellphone, etc. These debts are quite small and probably you can remember them without keeping records but in 2-3 weeks you will not be able to clearly say who and how much have to give you back. And your friends seem to forget or ‘too busy’ to remind.

Have you ever faced such situations? You have for sure.

Each individual life scenario, every detail, every work experience with financial issues – all this has been collected and carefully analyzed. As a result we’ve created an application, which we personally are very proud of.

This is the thing, the tool that every person needs. Maybe not often, not every day, but this App should always be at hand.

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