VR AG Racing for Google Cardboard

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*** This game is designed to align Google VR Cardboard***
Are you ready to experience the speeding through gravity defying race tracks on a hovercraft in virtual reality effect?? Let’s rush to play VR AG RACING FOR GOOGLE CARDBOARD! This space racing 3D game is a unique free aircraft racing game!
Experience ultimate VR gaming bliss as you swoosh down a neon tunnel- dodging red flame obstacles and racing along at top speed! The world narrows down into a neon tunnel space track as you rush through it!!
Amazing VR hovercraft rushes into these neon tracks at extreme high speed, collecting energizers for that incredible boost of speed!! In this virtual reality AG racing game, green flames will energizers or fuel that boost performance. Avoid the red flames- they are de energizers.
Race against your own beats as you ride along the spaceship- experience the adrenaline rush through virtual reality as you hurtle along fluidly!
How to Play:
You can control your movement speed and turn with just your head. The game ends with an optical illusion on the space themed race track. This game is compatible with VR headsets such as Google Cardboard.
- VR AG Racing for Google Cardboard powered with stereoscopic rendering and head tracking.
- Exciting VR neon track space race experience with loops and dives.
- Vast, randomly generated neon colors that changed each time you open the game.
- Easy to use controls, simply look where you want to go.
Become the hero among your friends-brag about your scores and progress along this addictive VR space racing gameplay!! Hurtle along as if on a fiery skateboard; dodge de energizers and make progress; Rush through space and enjoy the ultimate Virtual Reality fun!!!

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