VR Airplane Flight Simulator: Challenging Missions

发行商: Syed Raza
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价格: 1.99 USD
兼容性: iPhone & iPad


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Mayday Mayday! Captain please respond! You have to showcase your plane flying skills on multiple flying jets on an urgent challenging missions in extreme climatic conditions. And this time the excitement is on Virtual Reality in VR Airplane Flight Simulator: Challenging Missions.
You need to fly the different airplanes that include , military cargo, commercial, training, extreme air stunts planes etc and fly between the ring/ path shared with you in your flight plan. Be careful, your mission is to fly between these rings other wise the missions will be considered a failure and this we cannot want from an experience and trained professional pilot. You must use your skill that you have gained through the extensive training schools of air force and during your commercial pilot career. In VR Airplane Flight Simulator: Challenging Missions Sky is your home and your passion so buckle up fly these classic, modern, speedy, transport, cargo and commercial class of flying jets. This will not an easy task to handle these multiple airplane jets at the same and in limited of time. And remember that take off and landing is equally important and crucial for you. Be on time and don't loose control or crash your plane.
Prepare to experience the adventure of your life time and fly these multiple plane of beautiful and magnificent location, mountains, oceans, cities, deserts along with extreme weathers like windy, snow, rain etc.
So download VR Airplane Flight Simulator: Challenging Missions and mark your name in the most prolific pilot in the history of modern flying and aviation industry!

1) Non Stop VR Flying Plane Experience
2) Multiple Flying Jets to Select
3) Outstanding 3D Graphics & Sceneries
4) Smooth VR Control
5) Challenging & Exciting Missions



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