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Vrbo Vacation Rentals

发行商:, Inc.
价格: 免费
兼容性: iPhone & iPad


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Beach house? Condo? Cabin? Your perfect vacation home awaits. Travel better together with Vrbo.

• SEARCH from over 2 million unique places to stay in 190+ countries
• PLAN and collaborate with friends and family using Trip Boards
• BOOK securely from your phone or tablet
• TRAVEL anywhere and share trip details with your group

With the Vrbo app, you can:
• Browse vacation homes with pools, backyards, and all the room you need.
• Find vacation homes you won’t find on many other travel sites.
• Filter by what’s important to you and your group: price, location, amenities, and more.
• See property photos and reviews at a glance.
• Have questions about a property? Get quick answers from our virtual assistant.

• Tap the heart to easily save and compare places you love.
• Invite friends and family to join your Trip Board and help you plan.
• Leave comments and vote for your favorite properties.
• Keep your trip conversations in one place and chat with your group from anywhere

• Have questions? Message the owner or manager to ask about the property.
• Book and pay securely on the Vrbo app with your credit card.

• Quickly access important booking details like check-in instructions, WiFi passwords, and arrival information -- even when you’re offline.
• Share important trip details with friends and family by adding them to your trip.
• Access your conversations and message homeowners from your device anytime.

Note: currency is displayed as USD in the property listings unless otherwise noted. Please visit for more information about the Vrbo app.


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587560 条评价


We have used VRBO for years and love the app and it’s rentals! The best vacation so out there! 😊❤️👍


Easy & Trustworthy

We’ve booked all over the world - literally & you’ve never disappointed us.


Customer service doesn’t exist

My issue with Vrbo was in no way shape or form resolved by vrbo. It was most definitely a horrific experience as well as their first impression. I feel as if I’m entitled to a full refund or some sort of compensation for the lack of assistance and care towards me being stranded in a city that isn’t my home and with my child. I am a frequent traveler and use a few other apps consistently and have never came across an experience like I have with vrbo. To top it off none of the issue was my fault but yet I was the one stuck with the issue. What vrbo calls customer service you would expect from a back alley deal. The energy was more of sorry you have a issue but if you just spend more money you can fix it. Rather than it being we understand this isn’t your fault so please let us fix it.


Can you please make reviews a part of this app?

I have been trying to leave reviews for my prior stays to reward owners for their excellent efforts, which I now know is impossible in the app and very difficult on a phone when you have an app. You can only access reviews on the web, but it takes an art of trickery to log into the web on your phone without triggering the app to open. Took me forever to find a way to leave a review, which is a massive disservice to the owners relying on those reviews to promote their properties. Please fix this.


Links don’t work

Shared links from text messages just open the app.


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