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Japanese phrases learning app for Thai speakers.
You can talk to Japanese people with this app "WA-Translation(FULL)" when you travel Japan.

*** Collaborated app with Mr.Phongphan Fujisaki (Fuji) known as the host of Thai PBS and the publisher of Thai Language Station (TLS-Group)!! ***

-Useful phrases and words in scenes at
1. Communication: Greeting, Self Introduction, Feeling/Taste
2. Food: Order/Payment, Sushi, Grilled, Donburi,Curry ,Okomomiyaki,Family restaurant, Tenpura, Isakaya, Soba, Udon, Ramen, Shabu Sukiyaki, Coffee Cake,
3. Travel: Hotel reservation,Hotel request,Direction Sign,Taking photo,Buy show ticket, Places, TOKYO Travel Spot, Spring,Summer,Autumn,Winter,Hotel/Ryokan
4. Transportation: Taxi, Bus, Train, Bullet Train,Buy ticket
5. Shoping / Service: Souvenir,Department Store,Cosmetic,Hair and Nail
6. Study: Calandar, Number Counting
7. Trouble: Got lost , Sick, General Trouble

-Helps you as a translator when you travel in Japan
-Contains cute manga illustrations like a picture book
-High quality audio pronunciation by native speaker
-Search by keywords
-Free QR code reader installed
-"My Favourite" feature allows you to create your own list of phrases and words, just like an original dictionary.

Even if you don't understand how to speak Japanese,WA-Translation can talk to Japanese people instead of you.
If you want to talk to Japanese people directly, you can also read the pronunciation of Japanese language expressed in Thai in this WA-Translation app.

“Mr. Fuji Fujisaki”, or some people may know him as “Mr. Phongphan Fujisaki”, half Thai-Japanese editor who has been studied at both Thailand and Japan. He is also a founder of Thai Language Competency Test Association, Thai Language School, Japanese Language School and Thai Language Station (TLS-Group) Publisher. Moreover, he is also an MC and a producer of the popular variety TV program from Thai PBS Channel called “Dohiru”, which offers various aspects, direct experience as well as modern skill of Japanese to Thai people. And he is a commentator for other media as well.

For more information, visit our website to check out the latest information about WA-Translation(FULL) app.




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