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Wallpaper X – 4K HD wallpapers

发行商: MoboTap Inc.
价格: 免费
兼容性: iPhone


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Wallpaper X – 4K HD wallpapers, Beautify your phone without effort,set the high definition quality picture as 4K picture for your Home Screen and lock screen ,customize your backgrounds as your preference at any time~ Make your iPhone look stunning instantly!


- Massive super definition 4K image library, carefully selected, only to provide you with the best super definition wallpaper and theme selection for free, super retina display supported, each pixel has been carefully polished.

- Designed and Optimized for the iPhone, Every picture fits for any iPhone, iPad perfectly

- Intelligent classification, top category full coverage, easy to search for any types of pictures you like

- In-app beautiful images live full-screen preview: Just tap the background, easy preview for real-time effects on the home screen and lock screen, making previews more convenient

- updated daily recommend the most popular and stylish updated daily recommend the most popular and 4K HD stylish Photos. follow the current popular fashion 4K backgrounds at all times
- Minimalist interactive interface design, simple operation and apply, give you the most fast and fluid experience

Style & Content:
The Wallpaper X come in a variety of styles and are available in diverse styles to meet all You needs~

- Animals& Adorable pets: Let cute and lovely dogs and cats bring your happiness or power!

- Flowers& plants: get relax from the beautiful green nature~

- Cartoon&Anime: Get a collection of popular cartoon characters and superheroes!

- Science & abstract: explore the highly technical cool images here and have fun with the most current tech!

There are too many backgrounds and themes to list ,No matter you like cute&lovely style, cool black style or elite business style, install Wallpaper X, and more surprise are waiting for you~

Follow 2 easy steps below , Amazed your friends with the new look of your home screen :

- feel free to pick any photos super retina display supportedyou like and press Save

- Go to the photo gallery app, open the image you chose and just set your new wallpaper!

Let Wallpaper X take you on a new visual impact and personalize your phone, decorate your iPhone with the coolest 4K HD photo to make your phone screen more lively and more vivid, more cool! If you like our app, please give us a five star rating,we're dedicated to bring more awesome themes and backgrounds to you all the time!


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