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Watch, read, be inspired and travel with Eudiny.
- Become a travel influencer by recording your adventurous journey.
- Interact with travellers from all around the globe.

#Marvellous travel contents
Upload your amazing travel contents and become a travel influencer. Give motivation to subscribers by introducing unique destinations and stories.

#Interact with the world travelers
Communicate with other travelers. You can ask questions or share information.

#Reviews and Tips
Write and read traveler’s precise reviews and tips about places such as famous sightseeing spots and local restaurants.

#Nearby places
Explore nearby places and discover pristine places with us.

By downloading this app, you agree to allow Eudiny to access your camera, media files, microphone, location service, and notifications.

Camera/Media files: Profile photos, uploading posts, reviews and questions.
Microphone: Recording sound when the user records the video.
Location Service: Tag and share location information with other users.
Notifications: Alert, sounds.

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