Warehouse Management

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Welcome and congratulations for taking this small but great application for iPhone and ipad dedicated to all those who want to manage a warehouse or a small business full-blown.

Indeed, "Warehouse Management" wants to be an affordable, simple but at the same time fully to solve the problems of managing a warehouse (commercial, industrial, commercial, private).

With "Warehouse Management" better use all the capabilities of your iPhone or ipad to provide the best possible management and allows you to intuitively manage and improve your business.

- Product Management;
- Barcode Management;
- Price List Management (Purchase / Sale);
- Category Manager;
- Inventory Management;
- Calculating the Value of Stock;
- Load Freight Management;
- Manager Discharge Goods;
- Order Management;
- Automatic Update Prices from purchases and sales;
- Daily and Monthly Statistical Reports;
- Order Management Statistics;
- Management Statistics Loading / Unloading Warehouse;
- Support € Euro / Dollar $
- English, Italian, French, German, Spanish.

Ver. 1.2
Now you can save orders for customers in a file, then export it to your PC via ITunes.

Ver. 1.3
Now you can read the bar codes of products from the camera of the IPhone to load, orders and automatic discharge.
You can save your inventory in a file, then export it to your PC via ITunes.

Ver. 1.70
Updated and improved Application for iOS9 and optimized for Screens iPhone6Plus iPhone6, iPhone5, iPhone4.

Ver. 1.80
Updated and improved Application for iOS10 and optimized for Screens iPhone7Plus, iPhone7, iPhone6Plus, iPhone6, iPhone5.

Note: (Since it could be a high volume of work on the database, some keystrokes may respond in a few seconds delay);

product management discharge warehouse product manager store sale


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