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Make the most of your time. The new Watch Face Countdown app brings your schedule to life, making it easy to see what’s ahead and how long it is until your next event. Oh and did we mention awesome complications for all your watch faces?

STOP WORRYING ABOUT THE TIME. How much time do I have to get ready? How many minutes until your party? The Watch Face Countdown app makes it easy to keep track of the exact days and minutes until the events you are looking forward to.

ALWAYS KNOW WHAT’S NEXT. View upcoming events from your calendars at a glance, so you don’t miss out on anything important.

COUNTDOWN TO YOUR BIG EVENT. A special occasion is coming up soon? Mark it as favorite to always see the time counting down to that particular event.

EVERYTHING IN ONE PLACE. Appointments, flights, birthdays, or dinner reservations are added from your calendars automatically. Sync your work, personal and family calendars, or just selected ones.

USE WITH EASE. Simple and clear app interface makes it easy to keep track of your events. Choose from 11 different complication slots to display your countdowns on the watch face.

HEY SIRI, SCHEDULE A MEETING! Ask Siri to add an event to any of your calendars and it will automatically appear on the Countdown event list.

• Exact time until your next event
• Unlimited event countdowns
• Add and remove calendars
• Mark your favorite event
• Complications for all watch faces
• Simple, intuitive design

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