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wHealth Dashboard

发行商: Jean-Philippe Reynaud
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Would you like to make better use of your health data? wHealth is designed for that. Graphs, trends, goals, progress and statistics are displayed quickly and clearly, allowing you to see your situation at any time.

wHealth displays the data stored in the Apple Health database, regardless of the application that created it.

With iPhone Widgets and Apple Watch Complications, monitor the data you want right on your Home screen. There are more than fifty.

Fully customizable, you can configure the graphs to your liking, set and track your goals, compare with past data, share your results with your doctor, export your data to CSV files, and much more.

wHealth on iPhone can be used completely stand-alone, without Apple Watch. A great addition to the Apple Health app.
On Apple Watch you will finally have access to your data. With a full year of history and a graphical display by data and by period.

You will be able to enter new data in seconds, whether it is your hydration, your weight, your blood pressure, or any other type of data managed by wHealth.


IPhone and Apple Watch applications:
• Configuration according to your preferences, what data to display, in what order.
• Choice of presentation style for each data, among 15 colors and 6 types of graphs, with numerous customization parameters.
• Define a personal goal for each data with a graphic visualization of your progress
• Configure notifications to help you reach your goals, to monitor your alert thresholds.
• Enter new data in seconds
• Over 50 health data, up to 25 on your Apple Watch dashboard
• Automatic detection of data units used in the Apple Health app

• Multiple widgets on your home screen (iOS14)
• Supports all types of Apple Watch complications as well as multiple complications (WatchOS 7)

IPhone app only:
• Compare your current data with those of the past, by period and on any date.
• Define and create graphical reports, for your personal archives. (Requires in-app purchase)
• Share full reports with your doctor. Or reports on your sporting achievements, with your friends or on social networks
• Export your data in CSV files

Like any iOS app, wHealth needs your permission to access your health data. Read access for all the data you want to display on the dashboard, write access for those for which you want to be able to enter new values ​​from the application.
These will be saved directly to the HealthKit database and nowhere else.
All data is cached in the app, for the sole purpose of quickly viewing your dashboard. This cache will be automatically deleted when the application is uninstalled.

More information on:
wHealth, your daily companion for total control of your health.


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