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Wheel Race

发行商: Kwalee Ltd
价格: 免费 支持应用内购买
兼容性: iPhone & iPad


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It's time to burn rubber in the ultimate racing game!

Prove to the rest of the competition that you are number one in Wheel Race! Speed your way down the track and into 1st place by increasing and decreasing the size of your tire through the obstacles that await!

Beat a certain amount of competitors waiting to challenge you in order to beat the big boss and progress to the next world!

Will you leave everyone in your tracks to become the best?

Wheel Race features:
- Simple and fun gameplay
- Race against others
- Increasingly challenging
- Boss levels
- New skins to unlock


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1846 条评价


yes fun game


Fun But...

It is a fun game to play. Problem is you can’t hit the jackpot it is impossible. You can level up your speed all you want but you won’t ever hit the jackpot. Plus the ads are a little much. Fix the jackpot issue maybe make the levels a little longer and it would be awesome to play.


it’s great one problem tho

i keep glitching over the invisible wall



Its fun but can’t won't allow you to hit the jackpot


Developers, please read.

I like this hame very much for its unique mechanic and it’s colorful level design, but I’d like to say a couple things. 1. Levels are fun and all, but they are mostly the same. Maybe some new obstacles, and maybe levels in the sky? Or underground? Or atleast some new colors. 2. Hitting the jackpot isn’t possible. I’ve tried many times, but no avail. Please make it possible atleast when you have a good level of speed. Or atleast let it happen by chance. 3. THE ADS. THERE IS AN ACCESSIVE AMOUNT OF ADS. Please please PLEASE tone the ads down. Every time I finish a level an ad pops up, and every ad I get is painfully long. 4. The opponents. Every opponent I get has the same pattern. First they are ahead of me, and close to the end they get stuck, and then I win. I’d like an actual multiplayer option, where you can race against other players, atleast up to ten. Or, just change up the AI patterns. Ideas: design your own wheels. Unlock stickers, colors, and items to customize your very own wheel. Flying level. Your wheel speeds off a ramp and turns sideways, propelling itself into the air. The bigger the wheel, the heavier you are. If you are a big wheel for too long you will crash to the ground. Custom levels. Unlock blocks, colors, terrain and more to customize your own level. If you do atleast one thing in this review I will immediately change my rating to 3+ stars. Thanks for reading Devs!


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