Wheel of Sound MINI – Distinguish Sounds

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Learning tool for attentive and precise listening.

Supported languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, Italian

Wheel of Sound MINI is not suitable for use with iPhone 4 and 5 series.

Wheel of Sound MINI is the addition to Wheel of Sound for early childhood and preschool education. It promotes precise listening completely nonverbal and in a playful way. In contrast to Wheel of Sound, all the sounds of Wheel of Sound MINI are provided with pictures. Images are revealed as soon as a sound is detected. That makes practicing fun for kids.

Wheel of Sound MINI stimulates abilities and skills essential for everyday life and learning. Precise listening and the distinction of sounds are trained in a closely targeted way. Simultaneously, it requires a high degree of attention, auditory memory and concentration.

Wheel of Sound MINI’s four sound topics cover various areas for listening: Animals, technology, music and everyday life. Every topic includes twelve exercises with continuously increasing complexity.

The sound library presents all the sounds sorted by sound category. The children can either rummage in the sounds, reveal the images or solve a small sound puzzle.

Fields of Wheel of Sound MINI: Promotion of listening skills in early childhood, preschool, and special education, in music lessons and at home.

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