White Tiger Family Sim Online

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Dive into the huge world of white tigers, explore multiple locations. Start playing as the lonely tiger - find your soulmate and create the family. Defend your home from enemies.

Explore the world in online mode! Explore multiple locations with your friends online. Choose your clan and defend your territory. CO-OP with online players to tackle down dangerous bosses, protect your family and home

White Tiger Family Sim Online Features:

- The most beautiful home location
- Develop the most beautiful home locations in the store
- There are more than 40 unique elements to decorate your home

- RPG style game
- Improve your character speed, attack, health and mana power
- Think wisely how to spend your skill points

- Raise your family
- Make baby tiger with your soulmate
- Raise and teach cubs how to hunt in real world
- When the time comes you can let your cub go into the wild

- Online Adventures
- Explore the huge 3d world with your friends online
- Chat and make friends online
- Cooperate with friends or other players to take down strong bosses

- Strong enemies to battle
- Each location has 9 unique enemies
- To take into the battle you must be prepared - improve your tiger to be ready
- The strongest enemy you hunt - the more reward you get

- Unique skills
- Unlock unique skills
- Pounce attack by snipers how shot precisely
- Slash attack for those who love speed and power

Download White tiger family sim today and raise your true cat family!

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