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One of the greatest advantages of social media is the ability to reach large audiences quickly. As a result, you need instant insight into your most loved "Likes" to help you optimize your social presence! Whether for social reverence or business monetization, you care about your Likes!

Whole Lotta Likes makes viewing your Facebook Likes simple. It provides a streamlined set of features for viewing your most liked posts, photos, or videos. Ideal for business optimization, it provides instant insight into the effectiveness of advertisements, announcements, new products, or just your coolest thoughts!

It's simply the best, most organized, statistical analysis tool available for Facebook social networking.

Features Include:

• Feature for viewing your most liked photos
• Feature for viewing your most liked videos
• Feature for viewing the most liked photos you're tagged in
• Feature for viewing your most liked status updates
• Feature for managing pages you Like and Follow

Got Likes? Download Whole Lotta Likes today!

Note: This app requires a Facebook account to log in and view Likes.

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