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Wifi Password Gen & Offline Wi-Fi Router Passwords

发行商: Rapid Technolabs
价格: 1.99 USD
兼容性: iPhone & iPad


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● If you can use it, you can enjoy it with this extraordinary set of easy-yet-powerful apps ●

For economical price the Sensational Wi-Fi Pack represents the best choice for every user. The bundle consists of two apps: Wifi Password Generator Pro – Secure WEP Keys and Offline Wi-Fi Router Passwords.

Wifi Password Generator Pro is an offline wep key generator for your wireless router. It helps you to generate 26 HEX digits WEP key that can be used to secure Wi-Fi network. You can now generate keys in the classic command prompt interface.

Offline Wi-Fi Router Passwords is a beautiful, fast app for discover any router’s default password and other details such as Model, Version, Vendor, Username and Password. Using this app you can know your wireless modem router’s all the manufacturer preselected settings. You can share any details very easily and conveniently. Simply tap the “Share” button from already selected router details and send that information to your partner or co-worker. This special app saves your money, time and energy, to find passwords.


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