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发行商: Farhan P.
价格: 免费
兼容性: iPhone & iPad



排名历史显示野生动物狩猎野生动物园2017:狩猎鹿在iOS Store应用商店中的流行度以及其随着时间的变化。您可以追踪野生动物狩猎野生动物园2017:狩猎鹿在不同国家、分类和设备上每一天每一小时的表现。










Welcome to the Wild Animal Hunting Safari 2017, Deer Hunting 3D. The 3D project of Wild Animal hunting Safari shooting project for those who loves hunting in an amazing 3D type green valley containing green mountains, trees and grass. Download free application of the best Wild Animal Hunting Safari 2017, Deer Hunting 3D shooting game for hunting and shooting lovers. This is a unique opportunity for those who are crazy for shooting and hunting wild animals and want to increase their skills for shooting and hunting different wild animals like Lions, Deers, Bears and Wolfs in a 3D action environment. Hunting and shooting for sniper is a very pleasurable movement when he playing this game in a very beautiful and amazing 3D green natural valley environment. Only one sniper needed for shooting and hunting of wild animals like Deers, Lions, Bears and Wolfs in this 3D project, no need a team of snipers for this hunting mission. There is a specific time allocated for every mission of hunting, you need to complete and shoot the wild animals in that allocated time. So you don’t need to be relax too much in hunting deers and other wild animal; because time is very short for it in all shooting levels. Take your gun, load it with start hunting deers and other wild animals in a green beautiful 3D type valley. The game consists of six shooting levels, every level need to complete by the shooter to target all deers and other wild animals in a specific time. The shooter will concentrate his focus on the target and follow the running animals after miss shots. After miss your shoots, follow the deers and all other animals hiding themselves behind the trees, grass and other large stones of 3D action environment from the shooter. You will get an awesome experience with real 3D graphics, sound effects and the environment. This 3D action project is only to improve your hunting wild animals skills by shooting these. If you need any help while playing DEER hunting season 3D, just click on the help button before shoot the deers and other wild animals.

• FAST hunting target of running wild animals
• EXCELLENT shooter control of Gun for hunting deers
• AMAZING green wild safari environment
• REALISTIC and natural 3D Graphics and Sound effects
• FREE download full game for your phone and tablet
• SMOOTH Running of game
• NO enemy on the background
• TIME based challenging hunting mission for shooter
• ACCURACY of shooting target
• EASY Axis rotation
• CONCENTRATE on Wild Animal’s position
• LOAD the Sniper Gun
• ZOOM the camera for accurate shooting target
• SHOOT the Wild animals Deers, Lions, Bears and Wolfs.
• ADVERTISING will appear in the game.

This game is only an opportunity for those who want to increase their shooting and hunting skills, we are not encouraging of shooting or hunting wild animals.


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