Wild Animals - Activity Book - Lite

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Best App Ever Awards 2014 - Best Educational App.
Ranked in Apple App Store's Top 10 for Educational and Kids Games in over 80 countries including the US and the UK.

Wild Animals - Activity Book will introduce the kids to the wild nature in an engaging way, through creative play: Coloring, Drawing, Matching and Sound games.

The navigation is simple and lets your child have fun and learn straight away.

The LITE Version Features:

Coloring and Drawing

● Over 50 colors palette
● 2 coloring pages with the animals each in their own background
● A blank page for kids to create their own pictures
● 2 coloring tools: Bucket - Tap and Pencil - Draw with fingers
● Random Color tool for the youngest artists
● Undo feature with 5 back steps for fast corrections
● Option for quick save in your Photos Album


● Animated Soundboard for young DJ’s with real animal sounds

Animal Names

● 5 screens with animals their sounds and names in over 15 languages - English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Swedish, Brazilian, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Russian, Bulgarian, Turkish, Arabic and Hebrew

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Recommended Ages: 1-3, 4-7
Categories: Early Learning, Creative Play, Shapes, Games, Books

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