Wild Boar Sounds!

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Call wild boars with this collection of high quality boar sounds!

Wild boars are the hairy cousins of domestic pigs. These swine relatives have much in common, from their general appearance to their behaviors. Wild boars, also sometimes called hogs, sounds very similar to the pink pigs you might encounter on a farm. Perhaps not quite the "oink" you might expect from Old MacDonald's pigs, but pig-like just the same! These large animals root about in the earth while making loud grunts, snorts and squeals.

Hunters will find these boar sounds to be extremely useful for inviting these wild animals to come near during hunting expeditions! Boars are curious social animals and will come to investigate when they hear another boar calling. Play a louder grunt to call in the animals from afar, and switch to a softer sound once they are near. Kids and babies will love these sounds as well, as entertainment and a great way to learn about the sounds of wild nature!

Check out genuine boar calls today!

wild boar boar feral razorbacks razorback swine bore


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