Wild Flying Lion Simulator 3D

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Magic lions always were protectors of these lands and now the time has come – new generation came to claim the throne of the World of Magic! We are the new rulers of the World of Magic! Spread your wings and spread your power over the lands! Be proud and merciless, hunt the prey and fight other predators as a true master and leader! Become the king of sky and land with Wild Flying Lion Simulator 3D!

Do you like big cats and wild animal simulators? Or, maybe, you love cartoon ‘bout lions? Then, check Wild Flying Lion Simulator 3D! Join the battle for the power of this world, fight against predators and prey alike, survive in this cruel world by all costs and claim the throne with this game! Survive in this cruel and darkened world by all costs!
The World Tree become corrupted by ancient sorcerer buried under it roots. The Shadow filled with Evil and emerged to the dark side everything it touches. The most magic of this place has turned to evil, but there’s a chance to break the curse and free corrupted creatures from the grasp of Evil! Be a savior of the World of Magic with Wild Flying Lion Simulator 3D!

Begin your own flying lion adventure, explore forests and plains to recruit new cubs and big cats to your pride! Be a beautiful magic animal, fly over forests and fields to find food, protect you and your family from other predators and corrupted animals, and break the curse to save the Magic World with Wild Flying Lion Simulator 3D game!

Raise up your lion characteristics and buy power-ups to made it stronger! Unlock new abilities, like a fire breath! Earn points and customize your flying cat to make it unique! Choose gender, name, and color and have fun playing Wild Flying Lion Simulator 3D – great game for those who loves animal simulators!

Wild Flying Lion Simulator 3D features
Unusual animal simulator – be a winged lion
Many unusual opponents – fight against demonic creatures and magic predators
Check different game modes - story mode & survival mode
Enjoy full customization of your lion – choose any gender, color of skin, mane and even a cutie mark!
Interactive 3D world

Create your own clan of flying lions and claim the world as your domain with Wild Flying Lion Simulator 3D!

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